MassGenie is a unique online marketplace that gamifies shopping for buyers and sellers.

About Client

MassGenie is a unique online marketplace that gamifies shopping for buyers and sellers. Through crowdsourcing, MassGenie lets buyers drive down prices on the items they want and helps sellers market higher volumes of items in a short period of time. With crowd shopping and crowd selling, everybody wins.

The Challenge

MassGenie continuously collects and generates huge amount of data, so the real challenge is to build up a reliability, high availability, and stable. More specifically, MassGenie has to solve the following challenges
1.    MassGenie needs to interact with hundreds of thousands of sellers (via direct registration or third-party like ChannelAdvisor) to get data for sales.
2.    There may be millions of users shopping on the site with a lot of activities. MassGenie uses personalized historical data to recommend relevant user experience (for example, product/deal recommendation)
3.    Massgenie plan to list more than millions products in their catalog. Numbers like these make it apparent that it is increasingly more important to provide efficient search algorithms, because no matter how high the quality or how low the price of a product, it cannot generate sales if customers are not able to find it.

The Solution

This is a large project with multi stakeholders, SETA International defined a flexible implementation methodology based on Scrum to make the communications more transparent, pro-active and responsive to changes.
With AWS certified engineers, SETA International made the system design to leverage Amazon Web Services across multi regions and apply best of breed software platform on highly available cloud infrastructure:
-    C# (Website development)
-    Route53 (DNS service)
-    Elastic Load Balancing (Performance  boosting)
-    EC2 (Code)
-    VPC (Security)
-    Amazon Aurora Database (Transactional data)
-    Amazon S3 (Storage)
-    CloudFront (CDN for performance boosting)
-    Amazon API Gateway (API  call)
-    Amazon Elasticsearch Service (Site search service)
-    AWS Kinesis Service (log/historical data)
-    Amazon EMR (Big data processing for seller’s  data and recommendation algorithms)
-    Amazon Simple Email Service (email provider)
-    Amazon Rekognition Deep learning (AI support for recommendation and image recognition)
-    Amazon DynamoDB (NoSQL data storage for catalog)
Below is the reference architecture of MassGenie:

The Results

MassGenie has published a Beta version which is up to its expectation which is fast, consistent performance, stable and cost saving. Check out at

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“We first turned to SETA International for their industry experience to help us build our MassGenie platform. MassGenie continuously collects and generates large volumes of data in real time so the challenge is to build reliability, high availability and stability on the platform. The SETA team understood how large this project was and defined a flexible implementation to make the communications more transparent, proactive and responsive to changes” - Dan DeVries, Chief Operating Officer