SIRE Mobile

Sire is a Mobile SMS Marketing and Messaging company helping you to leverage the power of Mobile to reach and interact with customers.

About Client

Sire is a Mobile SMS Marketing and Messaging company. 

The people and technology of Sire have powered over 100,000 SMS marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 companies.  Based on customer feedback and market demand, Sire has created a simple, affordable and easy-to-use text marketing platform designed to help SMBs leverage the same mobile marketing power of large enterprise clients.  Our team of industry experts have packaged their years of technical support, infrastructure services and product design into a streamlined service that affords SMBs the very best in text message marketing.

The Challenge

Small & medium sized businesses needed a way to benefit from the same text marketing campaigns as industry titans.  Sire was looking to boil down its expansive Enterprise UI into a simple SMS campaign management platform that SMBs could utilize with little to no technical expertise.

SIRE had interviewed over 5+ vendors and selected SETA International based on their track record of deploying hundreds of applications to the cloud along with their client references worldwide.

SIRE wants to build a user-friendly SMB front-end interface and platform, architect a robust, scalable back-end infrastructure, integrate a payment solution.

The Solution

First, we listened to the client's needs, their core requirements and what they would constitute as a success and then developed an appropriate solution and plan accordingly.

Needs analysis was conducted and determined that Amazon AWS would support all of the requirements for this project.

We deployed Linux, Railo, Tomcat, mySQL on EC2, IAM, and S3. We went open source for both better performance and lower initial/scalability costs.

Timeline was 6 months but that included tons of redevelopment time not really related to AWS switchover.

I've been most pleased with Amazon on Agility.  It is an order of magnitude better than self-hosting or colo in terms of speed and agility. We're may branch out to other cloud providers as well in the future but I have no mind to do anything not on the cloud nowadays.


Time to get a new server provisioned by internal IT 2- 6 weeks (minimum).  Time to get a new cloud instance - 2 minutes (well, more like 20 if it's Windows).  That's a disruptive change that, if you step up and automate provisioning and scaling, makes for extremely agile response to changing application and business needs.


I did a cost analysis of "if we moved our Web site over to Amazon without rearchitecting anything" and basically it was a cost wash.  Storage was cheaper, compute was about as expensive (fully loaded, figuring in server room/power/cooling costs), and network bandwidth was way more expensive.  If you are not rearchitecting for the cloud and using scaling/bursting, you probably won't see cost improvements.  It will be expense and not capital though. If you rearchitect and make your tiers scale with load, etc., you can see more significant cost savings.


EC2 instances go out from time to time.  EBSes fry out without explanation from time to time.  Of course, so do boxes back at your premise.  Again, if you don't rearchitect for the cloud, you may see the same or a drop in availability.  If you make use of smaller, redundant instances and use more durable storage (S3 etc.) on the back end, then you will see a lot higher availability.  Our SaaS product (hosted on EC2) availability has been 100%, our Web site (hosted here on premise) has been maybe 97%. 


This is the "big bugbear of the cloud" but it's mostly overblown. Frankly the default security of AWS is more than the average small shop has.  Even a med company like my previous partners, with CISSPs on staff, we had a lot more security issues in our traditional systems than in our cloud systems. Trusting your network perimeter is for chumps, as is trusting someone you've hired over someone a provider has hired.

What was the timeline?

Timeline was 6 months but that included tons of redevelopment time not really related to AWS switchover.


Did your solution solve the client’s stated problem or accomplish their objective(s)? 
Yes, the client was pleased with the outcome of completing all objectives, on time and within budget.  Utilizing AWS also allowed for scalability and cost savings versus their original plan to heavily invest in physical servers and hardware and on premises colocation data center, and we were able to accomplish the same results with a Cloud Infrastructure.

What benefits did your client see as a result of your work immediately? 

Cost savings and the ability to scale up, rather than have an initial CapEx.  Also the ability to target another market with their product through the SMB platform, whereas before they only were able to focus on Enterprise due to not having the toolset and right platform for SMBs.

What benefits should your client see as a result of your work over time?

Additional revenue stream through SMBs.

Do you have a client testimonial or quote you can share about this project?

“The Seta International team delivers excellent business and technical skills… I would highly recommend them for other AWS consulting projects and cloud migrations that involve strategic planning and/or managed services and product management.” - Jeff Petersen, Chief Technical Officer