SETA International launches Beta version of Prisma for MAC OS X

Build rapid interactive prototypes on desktop, offline, without a subscription, for multiple users, on infinite devices. The perfect tool for every sized business or individual developers.

Costa Mesa, CA  -- February 11, 2015 – SETA International, the global software solutions and services company, today announced that over 1,000 developers are testing the beta version of Prisma, a new Mac OS X app that allows Product Designers, UI/UX Designers, and Mobile development communities to build rapid and fully interactive prototypes from static wireframes or design comps.  Users can then run in a virtual desktop simulator or on a physical device. The app demonstrates SETA’s commitment to mobile solutions and its global capabilities in developing cutting-edge apps that help strengthen and grow businesses.


“Our customers have been searching for a solution specifically for prototyping static screens in order to gain a competitive advantage in terms of speed and ease of use,” Thu Truong, VP of Operations, SETA International. “While Prisma is built for every sized business, it is uniquely able to help individual designers who wish to test the interactions for their app ideas before moving to development. No other apps to date have accomplished what Prisma offers.  None have been updated within the last year and are mostly broken and can be considered abandonware.”

Prisma easily fits at the Prototyping stage, usually between the design and development stages of a product workflow. Sometimes, the prototyping phase occurs between Wireframing and Interface Design, and Prisma fills this gap as well.

There are many unique features to Prisma from SETA International.

  • Local. Prisma is not a web-based application, and does not require users to access it via a web browser. This is a great match with other tools in most designers’ and developers’ workflows that are native desktop applications. Prisma allows users to stay off the web and stay where users need to be: on a computer.
  • Offline. Because Prisma is an offline desktop application, users don’t need to rely on a fast Internet connection (or any connection at all) to edit their projects. Users also do not need to wait for screens to upload or save to a server, so adding screens and saving files are instant and save to a file system.
  • No monthly subscriptions. Prisma requires a one time single payment for a license that is good for life.
  • Unlimited users and projects. Prisma is the only prototyping tool that allows users to create unlimited projects and share with unlimited users.
  • Quick testing. The Prisma Viewer app for iOS, allows users to instantly preview prototypes on a device with a single click.
  • Infinite device types. Prisma allows custom devices sizes so you can test on an infinite range of device types such as TVs, game consoles, IFE systems, etc.

Users should note that Prisma is not a design tool meant to replace Photoshop or Sketch and that existing comps most be provided. Users can import static images and PSDs into the Prisma library and interact with them, but cannot create the original images.   Prisma also is not a development tool meant to replace Xcode. Users can run prototypes on their phones that feel native, but the tool does not compile a real application and is not a substitute for actual development.

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About SETA International

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