Blackberry Application


BlackBerry’s secure and strong encryption capabilities continue to make it a popular platform for many businesses. From fun games to enterprise level apps, we have the expertise and team to cater to your BlackBerry app development needs. Many have come to realize the opportunity for revenue growth with BlackBerry apps, since the market has less competition than iPhone and Android and a greater demand for high quality apps. Our client promise is to create solutions that add measurable value to your business.

Blackberry Application


SETA’s BlackBerry app development engineers provide end-to-end solutions or individual services including business analysis, design, QA, and project management. Our expert developers have solid experience creating customized apps your business and user needs that work seamless across all device platforms. We also offer support and consulting services for getting apps into BlackBerry’s App World. SETA’s team is dedicated to 100% client satisfaction in BlackBerry apps for email, CRM, field service, ERP, instant messaging, and more.

Blackberry Application


  • We are your partner through the entire software development life cycle including planning, development, launch, management, and ongoing support
  • We create error free apps that will help your organization create a stronger brand image
  • SETA’s BlackBerry solutions are streamlined based on the requirements of clients
  • A fully functional app is delivered only after robust QA testing has been conducted
  • Our focus is on delivering smooth functionality no matter the complexity of the project

Blackberry Application


Our developers have the skills, knowledge and access to the technical tool-sets needed to deliver BlackBerry app solutions specific to your sector. In addition to business applications our extensive capabilities will help your company with apps targeting consumers with networking and messaging needs. We understand the value of BlackBerry apps and the value BlackBerry holds as a platform for corporate environments.

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