Database Development


SETA specializes in database development services for companies of every size that are built to run smarter, more efficient, and with greater effectiveness. Our team of certified developers will leverage application functionality using the highest software engineering skill level. We understand the importance of database design using the latest technologies and best practices to ensure security, integrity, scalability and performance. As specialists in open source platforms, SETA is able to offer database development solutions custom built to interact with all servers.

Database Development


SETA has extensive experience in designing, monitoring and maintaining high-performance databases on local servers or cloud. Our teams are highly adept at data migration between popular databases on cloud or local servers. From database monitoring and maintenance, to support services including updates, optimization, and performance tuning, SETA will ensure a seamless process that ensures you are investing in the projects that pay off. Our database development services have been proven to improve business workflow, increase productivity, and free time that can be spent planning business growth strategies.

Database Development


At SETA, we able to execute all levels of existing database investigation and planning.

  • We work with clients on database planning and strategy
  • Our teams review existing databases and focus on future growth plans
  • A thorough review of systems and boundaries are in place prior to implementation
  • SETA offers a full range of services devoted to design, prototyping, implementation, testing and maintenance

Database Development


SETA’s database development services are powerful, scalable, and robust. We have a highly qualified team that understands a company’s security needs and will create a database complete with preventive features and security protocols to prevent threats from cyber security and other vulnerabilities. Our teams are certified in open source platforms, which offer the greatest level of customization.