Mobility Strategy


Businesses have come to realize that a growing number of users are accessing web content via mobile devices, and are adjusting and planning accordingly. We know that demand of mobile is often exceeding the bandwidth of internal IT departments. SETA acts as an advocate, and an extension, of your business by enabling you to integrate and deliver new and innovative business services more quickly. From responsive design to mobile sites and native apps, our mobile strategy consulting team looks at all of the IT possibilities that will best fit your needs.

Mobility Strategy


We understand how to engage customers in powerful new ways, boost employee productivity and connectivity, and enrich the business with new innovative services. Planning a mobile strategy is more important than ever, and we have built a strong mobile development expertise to launch, or upgrade your mobile strategy.  Choosing which development technology to use is often very challenging for mobility, and SETA is your experienced partner in consulting, analysis and strategy.

Mobility Strategy


  • High quality apps that streamline internal processes
  • Mobile strategy consulting that brings better business value to your campaigns and projects.
  • Robust native and hybrid iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps
  • Mobile apps for enterprise, eCommerce, wearable tech, gaming, digital media
  • Vertical capabilities for medical, health, music, education, technology, and more
  • Incorporate cloud-based mobile development, which has several advantages over the more traditional desktop-based tools

Mobility Strategy


Meet the demands of mobile users that have developed heightened expectations for design and usability. We take a long-term view of a client’s mobility strategy, reviewing all business needs. A coordinated effort, the benefits are highly positive, resulting in  internal and external users having a robust experience. Clients report better customer, supplier and employee interactions, and an increase in ROI for new services.

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