Systems Integration


SETA is a system integration company that truly understands how to create a seamless bond between programs that make a user’s digital experience more reliable, efficient and profitable.  Every organization has a unique set of conditions and needs, which are taken into account with strategies for planning, designing, and building. Through proper systems integration we solve industry-specific or shared enterprise problems. We understand that new and existing programs must be scalable and work efficiently to deliver maximum value.

Systems Integration


Our competitive advantage is our ability to leverage existing systems and apply the best systems integration solutions to meet your business goals. SETA’s strategic approach combines our award winning teams ability to provide the highest level of technology experience, integration and customer services. We offer a range of systems integration services including:

  • CRM/SFA Integrations
  • Feed Integration
  • API Development and Integration
  • Intranet Integration
  • Enterprise Application Integration

Systems Integration


  • As your partner in technology, SETA works with clients to understand goals and objectives
  • We reduce and reuse the way data is inputted to deliver complete system integration services and solutions addressing your business needs
  • SETA takes a high-level approach including phases focused on discovery, design, architecture, development, deployment, and maintenance

Systems Integration


SETA’s solutions ensure programs and applications are working in harmony, cutting out gaps and redundancies that often proven business from reaching their true potential.  The benefits of a high quality systems integration solution are countless and range from labor efficiency, fewer program conflicts, greater businesses efficiency, time freed for important growth tasks, and the ability to turn data into intelligence that your organization can use to drive productivity. Clients have relied on SETA’s system integration services for improved customer service, increased sales and better work environments.