Systems Integration


SETA knows that one-size does not fit all when it comes to systems integration. We work as a partner with clients to leverage existing technology investments and bridge them together for maximum efficiency and accuracy. Many organizations depend on off-the-shelf software for functions such as inputting, processing and interpreting data. SETA’s certified developers ensure that all systems to work seamlessly together through our systems integration services. This strategy maintains productivity and guarantees data integrity.

Systems Integration


SETA has proven expertise and strength in consulting and architecture in multi-platform and multi-vendor environments. Our experience with system integration solutions includes: Horizontal Integration, Vertical Integration, Star Integration, among others. We have helped a countless number of clients to protect current IT investments through the migration and re-engineering of legacy applications. We have a strong track record for delivering solutions that offer unlimited scalability and high performance.

Systems Integration


We understand what is required to support the entire software lifecycle, including planning, systems, requirements, design, builds, installations, integration, subcontractors, quality, and delivery. Our experienced team of software development professionals sets us apart from other system integrator companies because they are proficient at using a broad range of technologies on a variety of platforms. Our engineers have been trained in designing and developing modern systems integration solutions, including Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and middleware. Our global team has extensive experience with Tibco BusinessWorks, IBM WPS/BPM, webMethods ESB, Oracle Fusion Middleware SOA/BPM, JBoss ESB, Mule ESB, and Talend ESB

Systems Integration


  • Maximized business process efficiency and seamless software integration
  • Transform how your company runs
  • Dramatically improved real-time visibility
  • Significant savings in cost and IT investment
  • Accelerated growth those opportunities to upsell and cross-sell more efficiently

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