Web Development


SETA’s custom web development services offer end-to-end solutions. This means that clients enjoy a well-designed front-end with a powerful back-end that includes all the features your business needs to succeed. Our teams are certified in open-source CMS including Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress.  Through these capabilities, we are able to meet client's most demanding needs to drive impressions and ensure results.  SETA also has the flexibility to maintain and support key applications through the addition of new features that maximize ROI and productivity.

Web Development


SETA has a stellar track record for creating sites that are dynamic, informational and user friendly.  We have an expertise in eCommerce-based solutions that include Amazon and CyberSource capabilities, the leaders in retail selling online. Our expertise spans more than 20 vertical markets including financial, medical, restaurant, transportation, retail and more. We provide web-based enterprise solutions and web portal development solutions that combine the best of our client services, technical expertise, and deep understanding of global trends.

Web Development


Our process is highly integrated and leverages the custom end-to-end solutions SETA is known for in the industry.

  • Our team first reviews your strategy and needs, including a review of existing source code
  • Custom features are discussed and evaluated
  • We work closely with the design team to ensure that all elements are in place
  • The site undergoes significant testing in the final phase
  • QA testing ensures that all elements are automated and in perfect working order
  • SETA provides additional support after the launch of products from marketing to legal services through our Business Partnership Network


Web Development


SETA’s custom web development services give clients the services the solutions needed at the time it’s needed. Our custom web development services include database development and systems integration.