TheRestaurantExpert.com is a restaurant training and coaching company. We developed SMART Systems Pro, a web based software solution that gives independent restaurant operators the power and flexibility to run virtually every aspect of their business from inventory control and recipe costing, labor scheduling and tracking, budgets and cash controls to everyday checklists and daily managers logs over the internet. We believe we are the only software solution that has been developed from the ground up with the independent restaurant operator in mind.

As a restaurant training and coaching company, not a software company, we found that developing software without a dedicated in house programming team can be a challenge. It requires a lot of trust because there is no way to be able to check on what was done, if it was done correctly and you can end up in a situation where you are debating features/changes instead of just getting the job done. This was all true for us. We found ourselves in a tricky spot where we needed to make a change from our current outsourced programmers. Over time they created more challenges than benefits. We needed a software developer who could walk into over 1 million lines of code that was extremely buggy, was not properly documented and be able to not only fix it, but continue software development and innovation. This was an extremely frightening proposition because changing could have spelled disaster.

Whether it was through thorough research or just simple luck, we came across SETA International.

From our very first contact, we knew we had the right partner and it has proven to be the BEST business decision we have ever made.

They not only took control of the code, they put us on a path to success. SETA International and all of their professional team have become much more than our programming team, they have become our trusted software advisors and business success partners.

If you are looking to take your software to the next level, develop a new innovative solution from scratch or just augment you current programming team, look no further, there are no challenges too great for SETA and their team to handle. SETA International is hands down the best!

  • David Scott Peters
  • Founder
  • TheRestaurantExpert.com
The SETA International team's tremendous abilities never ceased to amaze me.
  • Jeffery L. Peterson
  • Reaction X
After years of frustration dealing directly with overseas developers... SETA's hybrid model gave us the perfect balance of cost, quality, and peace of mind...
  • Michael Won
  • Nett Solutions
Their pricing, resource flexibility, dedication and domain expertise makes them a dependable and cost-effective solution.
  • Dave Hu
  • SK Telecom